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Opportunities for Distributors

We are seeking regional distributors to partner with us and share in the success of GenUltimate! test strips. This is an unprecedented opportunity for distributors with vision to become part of something big. These test strips are set to change the diabetic community by offering quality products to populations that did not previously have access to those products. At the same time, the distributor and the locations all share in the revenue stream, while still offering attractive products at attractive prices to their consumers.

Why become a distributor?

As a distributor you will share in the revenue stream of all transactions performed on test strips you distribute. The more strips you distribute, the higher your residual income from transactions. Volumes also play an important role in determining the fee structure. 

Responsibilities of a Distributors

As a distributor you will be in charge of selling GenUltimate! test strips to local pharmacies looking to supply their diabetic customers with affordable testing supplies. You will also maintain a small stock of replacements, and replace them should a customer or pharmacy request (we will RMA the product from the original supplier).

We try to limit the number of distributors we deal with per any specific region, in order to allow pioneering distributors to grow quickly and become strong businesses in their region.

We look for distributors who have an established book of business. Preference will be given to southeast, southwest, and northwest regions of the US.

Become a Distributor

If you are interested in becoming a distributor of GenUltimate! test strips, please call 1(805)446-1973 to speak with a company representative